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Stallions and Colts

Achilles ibn Aikor

Achilles ibn Aikor is out of our pure russian bred mare Derya. He is her first foal and the first colt born at Tender Arabians. Achilles is a * premium foal by ZSAA with a solid body, great type and powerful movements. We are impressed by his strong legs and especially his muscular hindquarters. He is a great prospect for (Western) Riding and breeding. Achilles was named Liberty Champion stallions (all ages) and 2nd in class at the Araber Sommerfestival 2019 as a yearling. He was ranked 5th at the National Championships during the All Nations Cup in Aachen 2019.

Achilles ibn Aikor, colt 2018 (TM Aikor x Derya), CA/SCID free

Bred and owned by Tender Arabians.

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ASE Bellagio

ASE Bellagio is an expressive young colt by the European Bronze-Stallion Safeer (Ajman Moniscione x Mo Sajfa) out of Brasilia Chariklia (Borsalino K x Amal-Chariklia), born in 2017. He is very showy, a good mover and fascinates with his beautiful face and very big eyes. In 2018 he has been shown at Tag des Vollblutarabers in Bayern, Arabersommerfestival Stadl Paura and the National Breeders Cup Kauber Platte Championat. In his first show season he got a Bronze Title Junior colts (1-3 years old) in Austria, was named class winner yearling colts in Kaub and won the National Bronze title Junior colts (1-3 years old). In 2019 he was classwinner in the Amateur and Experienced classes at Arabersommerfestival. He also won the title BEST IN SHOW Experienced and was named Reserve Champion Amateur there. We are looking forward to his development and his first foal crop in 2020.

ASE Bellagio, colt 2017 (Safeer x Brasilia Chariklia), CA/SCID free

Bred by Arabian Stud Europe, owned by Tender Arabians.

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Here you can find the sires of our progeny - different stallions from several studs.
Please find detailed information regarding their ownership underneath their pictures.

TM Aikor
(Season 2017/2018 and 2018/2019)

TM Aikor is a dark chestnut stallion from multichampion Mirok Monpelou and multichampionesse Aillura. He is a great mover with a lot of show attitude. Born in 1995 he can point to respectable achievements today:

Classwinner and Foalchampion Arabica 1995
Classwinner Wels International 1996
Classwinner Inter Cup 1996
Classwinner Arabica 1996
Junior Champion Arabica 1996
Classwinner Inter Cup 2001
Classwinner Inter Cup 2002
Senior Champion Inter Cup 2002
Get-of-Sire – Champion 2002
Classwinner Danube Arabian Trophy 2004
Senior Champion Res. Danube Arabian Trophy 2004
First Waho Trophy Austria 2005
Classwinner Radpuszta 2008, H
Senior Champion Radpuszta 2008, H

TM Aikor is also a sire of champions. His offspring TM Laguna, TM Pianistka, TM Poker and more have been successful in show as well.

TM Aikor (Mirok Monpelou x Aillura). Born 1995. CA/SCID free.
Bred and owned by Ta Merij Arabians
See pedigree

Photo: Doris Dobetsberger

GF Maschuk
(Season 2017/2018)

The dark bay stallion GF Maschuk combines beauty and performance. He is straight russian and approved by the German breeders association ZSAA. He is doing his stallion performance test in endurance (2000 competition kilometres), always motivated and a real reliance horse. He got the bronze sport horse award by ZSAA in 2014. At the Arabian Horse Festival in Stadl Paura (Austria) 2015 he convinced with the first place in the riding competition, second place in the show, third place liberty class, became bronze champion stallion and was awarded with the special price „best sport horse“.

His father is national and international multichampion Gips, his mother Mirvana a daughter of the famous Mirok Monpelou.

GF Maschuk (Gips x Mirvana). Born 2004. CA/SCID free.
Bred  by Gestüt Fischer
owned by Petra Hutterer
See pedigree

TM Lancelot
(Season 2016/2017)

TM Lancelot is one of the rare Eden C sons in Europe. The young stallion has a lot of type and amazing, powerful movements. He was class winner and Junior Silver Champion in the Arabian Summer Festival 2014, class winner and Junior Gold Champion 2015. He was our choice for Johari Habibi Sha Meri Ra in 2016 – and we got a beautiful chestnut filly in 2017: Liyanah Johara.

TM Lancelot (Eden C x TM Laguna). Born 2012. CA/SCID free.
Bred and owned by Ta Merij Arabians
See pedigree

GG Skywalker
(Season 2015/2016)

When we bought one of our mares, GG Surinam, at Gestüt Greifenstein in summer 2015 we met a promising young stallion that impressed with his type, gentle attitude and his action: GG Skywalker. Himself a premium foal and class winner at Kauber Platte he definitely left his mark in his first foal GG Skyfall (GG Skywalker x GG Surinam), a beautiful filly true to type with the same dark and special color. We chose the stallion for a pairing with GG Surinam again and got a beautiful filly in June 2016: Sahar al Sabah.

His father is GG Midnight Silver:

  • 2012 licenced for breeding (all breeds)
  • 2014 reserve winner stallion performance test
  • 2015 winner in jumping class M All Nations Cup Aachen
  • 2016 Arabian of the year
  • 2016 Silver Champion Senior Stallions Kaub

GG Skywalker has been to the official licensing of VZAP in Alsfeld in 2015. He was awarded top grades for correctness of paces (8), walk (8) and jumping capacity (8,5).

GG Skywalker (GG Midnight Silver x Shambala). Born 2012. CA/SCID free.
Bred and owned by Gestüt Greifenstein
See pedigree

Nedschd Nasir al Din
(Season 2015/2016)

With our straight Egyptian stallion Nedschd Nasir al Din we started breeding in 2015. He was one of the last sons of Moniet el Dine and grandson of the famous Elite stallion Salaa el Dine. Nasir impresses with his gentle manner, strong nerves and his decent beauty. He is registered in the stallion book I of ZSAA and was ranked the second of his class in the Arabian Summer Festival 2015 (4-7 year old stallions, European Amateur Show, ECAHO). In 2014 Nasir was awarded in the contest „Best Arabian Horse“ of the Arabian Horse Times magazine.

Nedschd Nasir al Din (Moniet el Dine x Nahdya). Born 2010. CA/SCID free.
Bred by Nedschd Arab, owned by Tender Arabians.
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